Privacy Privacy Policy

Your privacy and your data are important to us. This document outlines important information about data collection and use in connection with our solutions and services.

Our Services are not intended to be viewed or used by children under the age of 14 years. Our users are requested to inform us immediately via in the event that they suspect or know of any information being published from a user under the age of 14 so we can take the necessary action to remove the content from our website. Also, any comments, concerns about our privacy policy please contact us via


Collected Data on

In order to provide valuable products, solution and services to the global user community on, various data / information is collected from the users and maintained and published on Collected Data and Information may include company names, contact numbers, email IDs, Company Logos, Graphical Content (Images and Videos) and other details and information about products and services etc. provided by the listed companies or users of the website.

In addition to the basic information about companies and their services, we also receive valuable feedbacks, suggestions, recommendations and other information from our valuable users. The aforementioned additional data is used to improve the quality of our services and solutions provided to our customers.

All collected information and content on are available to various user groups such as private users, companies, associations, governmental institutions, customer support centers, corporate fraud departments etc.

Removing Data from

In the event that the user decides to remove the submitted data from the platform, a Removal Request has to be submitted via email to . After submitting the request, will remove all relevant data and information from within 3 business days.



In order to provide valuable services and beneficial information about various products and solutions to our respected customers (including online and mobile advertisement), may use its third party affiliates or partners to collect information related to the usage of the website by the entire user community on during their visits.  Such information may include, but not limited to searches performed on the website (such as industry searches, keyword searches, geographical location, etc.) and general information about the users (such as the used browser type, device type, unique user ID, mobile carrier, IP address, date and time of your visits, locality, pages viewed etc.). This may also include the collection of specific information such as user’s name, contact details, IP address, etc.

The methodologies, technologies used to collect such information may include using cookies to identify the pages visited as provided voluntarily by the users, web-performance monitoring tools, GPS information, CDN Logs etc.

In order to stop the collection of such data by our third party vendors, or to limit the data collection only by/through, please submit a request to stop the 3rd Party Data Collection via email to Please allow up to 3 business days for the request and changes to take effect.